Air Medical Safety Advisory Council

When it comes to airborne medical rescue safety is always a number one priority and that is exactly why the Air Medical Safety Advisory Council was committed. No other group is as committed to constantly monitoring and improving safety in the workplace for these heroes which makes AMSAC a great organization.

helicopterLiterally every single aspect of aerial medical response is incredibly dangerous so safety checks and safety improvements are always needed. As an official safety organization AMSAC has brought dozens of major safety improvements to the industry which have likely saved hundreds of lives. Perhaps the best thing about the Air Medical Safety Advisory Council is that they are always working to test and implement new ideas and safety checks that members and industry officials suggest. Rather than simply coming up with safety requirements AMSAC is actively working with the industry in multiple ways to apply real world fixes to major safety concerns.

Obviously it is impossible to say just how much of an impact a group like AMSAC has had but nearly everyone in the industry agrees that AMSAC has been a very worthwhile endeavor. The program is ongoing and will likely continue to improve and update any and all safety regulations in the aerial medical industry.

If you have your own ideas about how to improve safety then the Air Medical Safety Advisory Council is the place to present them. There are frequent meetings and the council is always open to suggestions and tips to improve in any way possible. AMSAC is an absolute lifesaver for the entire industry and any and all support is greatly appreciated by everyone involved.

More importantly, if you actively work in the industry and your company is not already part of AMSAC then now is the time to step up. More and more companies are becoming members of the AMSAC community and the more people that join the more effective the entire program can be for everyone. AMSAC is ready and willing to accept anyone that wants to join so what is holding your company back?

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